3 Ways That Walk-In Tubs Prevent Falls

3 Ways That Walk-In Tubs Prevent Falls

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous parts of a home. With so much water running through it, there’s always the possibility that water can accumulate on the floor. This causes people to slip and fall. The result of a fall in the bathroom can be a serious injury, especially since most bathroom floors are tile. There are various ways in which a walk-in tub can help you prevent these disastrous falls. Here are some of the ways that Jacuzzi walk-in tubs prevent falls in the bathroom.

Walk Into the Tub

One of the problems with traditional tubs is that you need to climb over the edge. Even if for a brief period of time, this means balancing on one leg. This can cause balance issues and cause you to fall. Most people will fill the tub with water before getting in. This can make getting into the tub dangerous as you once again have to balance on one foot. But this time it requires doing so while the one foot is on a wet, slippery surface. With a walk-in tub, you enter through a watertight door. This allows you to walk right into the tub so that no balancing is required.

Non-Slip Flooring

Traditional tubs are typically made from a smooth material. When the material gets wet, it could be quick slick and cause a person to fall. The result could be hitting your head on the side of the tub or the tile wall, causing a serious injury. In addition to featuring a door to walk through, walk-in tubs also feature non-slip flooring. This ensures that the surface you’re walking on is not slippery, even if it’s wet. This is especially important if you don’t realize that the bathtub was recently used and still might have water on it. A traditional bathtub could result in a fall while the non-slip flooring of a walk-in tub will allow you to avoid this problem.

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Grab Handles

When moving around the bathroom, it’s important to take care so that you don’t fall. In most cases, there will be water on the floor, especially if the shower or tub has been used. While you can move around under your own power, sometimes it helps to have something to help you keep your balance. Many walk-in tubs feature grab handles that you can use to balance yourself as you walk across the treacherous floor. Using these handles will ensure that you safely make your way in and out of the tub.

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