10 Crucial Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents Before Making a Decision

3 Things to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Hiring

Choosing the right real estate agent is a crucial step in buying or selling a home. A skilled agent can guide you through the complex process, negotiate the best deals, and ensure a smooth transaction.

To find the best fit for your needs, it’s important to ask potential agents the right questions. Here are ten crucial questions to ask real estate agents before making a decision.

1. What is Your Experience in Real Estate?

Experience matters in real estate. An agent with a proven track record is more likely to navigate the market effectively and handle unexpected challenges.

Why It’s Important:

  • Experienced agents have a better understanding of market trends.
  • They are more likely to have established networks and resources.

Follow-Up Question:

  • How long have you been working in this area specifically?

2. Can You Provide References from Past Clients?

Speaking to past clients can give you valuable insights into an agent’s performance, reliability, and professionalism.

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Why It’s Important:

  • References can provide firsthand accounts of the agent’s effectiveness and demeanor.
  • They help verify the agent’s claims about their success and client satisfaction.

Follow-Up Question:

  • Can I see testimonials or reviews from your recent clients?

3. What is Your Marketing Strategy for Selling Homes?

A robust marketing strategy is essential for selling a home quickly and at the best price. Understanding an agent’s approach can help you gauge their competence.

Why It’s Important:

  • Effective marketing can attract more potential buyers.
  • It demonstrates the agent’s commitment to getting your home sold.

Follow-Up Question:

  • Do you use online platforms, open houses, and professional photography?

4. How Do You Determine the Listing Price?

Pricing a home correctly is critical. Ask how the agent arrives at their recommended listing price.

Why It’s Important:

  • Overpricing can lead to a home sitting on the market too long.
  • Underpricing might mean you don’t get the full value of your property.

Follow-Up Question:

  • Can you show me comparable market analysis (CMA) reports for my area?

5. How Do You Communicate with Clients?

Clear and consistent communication is key to a successful real estate transaction. Ensure the agent’s communication style aligns with your preferences.

Why It’s Important:

  • Good communication keeps you informed and reduces stress.
  • It ensures that you and the agent are on the same page throughout the process.

Follow-Up Question:

  • How often can I expect updates, and through what channels (phone, email, text)?
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6. What Are Your Fees and Commission Rates?

Understanding the agent’s fees and commission rates upfront can help you avoid surprises later on.

Why It’s Important:

  • It helps you budget for the costs associated with buying or selling a home.
  • It ensures transparency and trust.

Follow-Up Question:

  • Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

7. How Familiar Are You with the Local Market?

Local market knowledge is crucial for both buying and selling homes. An agent who knows the area well can provide better advice and insights.

Why It’s Important:

  • Local knowledge can affect pricing, marketing strategies, and finding the right neighborhood.
  • It helps in understanding the nuances of the community and market trends.

Follow-Up Question:

  • What recent trends have you noticed in this neighborhood?

8. What Sets You Apart from Other Agents?

This question allows the agent to highlight their unique skills and strengths, giving you a better sense of what they can offer.

Why It’s Important:

  • It helps you identify what makes an agent the best fit for your needs.
  • It gives the agent a chance to showcase their expertise and experience.

Follow-Up Question:

  • Can you share a specific example where you went above and beyond for a client?

9. How Will You Help Me Find the Right Home (or Buyer)?

For buyers, understanding how an agent will help you find the right home is crucial. For sellers, knowing how they will attract the right buyers is equally important.

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Why It’s Important:

Follow-Up Question:

  • What tools and resources do you use to find properties or buyers?

10. Can You Walk Me Through the Entire Process?

Understanding the step-by-step process of buying or selling a home can help you feel more prepared and less anxious.

Why It’s Important:

  • It provides clarity on what to expect and how to prepare.
  • It helps you gauge the agent’s knowledge and thoroughness.

Follow-Up Question:

  • What are the most common challenges in this process, and how do you handle them?


Choosing the right real estate agent can make all the difference in your home buying or selling experience. By asking these ten crucial questions, you can ensure that you find an agent who is experienced, knowledgeable, and aligned with your needs.

Take the time to interview multiple agents, compare their responses, and trust your instincts to make the best decision for your real estate journey.

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