4 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

4 Tips for Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism is a popular design for many kitchens. It makes the space look clean, large, and open. If you want to try it out in your cooking area but don’t know where to start, here are some tips you can follow:

Stay Organized

Have dedicated cabinets for different things. Put all your cookware on one shelf, your appliances on another, and your dishes somewhere else. Aside from keeping your items organized and easy to find, this arrangement is also much better to look at.

If you try it out and find you’re running out of storage space, that’s a sign you have too many items. Go through your inventory and figure out if you need everything there. Get rid of those you no longer use to open up your kitchen.

Use All Storage Spaces

Don’t keep your stuff in one place. While it may be more convenient, it also makes your kitchen appear cluttered. Stay organized but distribute your items across the room.

And, don’t limit your storage space to your cabinets and drawers. Get creative! You can put the things you don’t often use on top of the fridge or other hard-to-reach areas. Have a pullout pantry or a butcher’s block table. And, as long as you still have room for it, you can also install additional shelves. Just remember not to go overboard.

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Keep Countertops Clear

Your countertops are the one exception to the storage rule. You don’t want too many things there. Anything you put there would be out in the open. Aside from looking overstuffed, too much clutter can make cooking harder for you.

When it comes to your countertops, clear them of anything that can be stored elsewhere. For example, some appliances you often use, like the microwave, would be too troublesome to move. Meanwhile, other items, such as utensils and pots, should be kept in your cupboards until you need them.

Have Little Design Elements

While minimalism means having large open spaces in the kitchen, the place doesn’t have to be bare. As long as you don’t go overboard, there’s no reason you can’t have decorations in your cooking area to make things more fun.

You can have a few potted plants hanging from the ceiling or light candles on your dining table for an ambient feel. Place flowers in a vase and put it on top of your kitchen island for a splash of color. There are so many things you can try out as you let your imagination run wild.

Having a minimalistic cooking area goes beyond buying premade kitchen cabinets and painting your walls a light, airy color. It’s about keeping things organized and being aware of the space you move in. Hopefully, these tips have helped you get your ideas in order and inspire your imagination.

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