Elegant Feather Wedding Cakes: Centerpieces that Captivate

Rich Beauty Inspire Feather Wedding Cake

A delicious cake is the centerpiece of every wedding, creating a focal image that guests admire. Elegant and colorful wedding cakes not only enhance the aesthetic of the celebration but also whet the appetites of onlookers.

In feather-themed weddings, feather cakes play a vital role. These elaborate cakes, often adorned with pearls, crystals, and bird feathers, bring a touch of sophistication and sparkle.

Explore our collection of stunning feather wedding cakes that will inspire and captivate your guests.

Eye-Catching White Feather Cake

This three-tier black and white wedding cake is decorated with precious jewelry and bird feathers. The bottom tier features a feather look with a black top adorned with a pearl garland.

Golden leaves and white feathers create a luxurious appearance on this delicious cake. An inspiring centerpiece, this feather wedding cake attracts attention and increases guests’ appetites.

Ostrich Feather Cake

A high-quality wedding cake topped with ostrich white feathers creates a glamorous look for the wedding table.

The glossy silver crystal starburst brooch atop the cake, combined with metal prongs around the cake and the glass table, adds elegance.

Champagne glasses and tea candles further enhance the romantic ambiance of the wedding cake table.

Feather Wedding Tower Cake

This tower cake features each tier adorned with feathers and satin silk ribbons. Its large size makes it perfect for accommodating wedding guests.

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The white color scheme, inspired by feathers, gives the cake a soft and fluffy appearance.

This unusual feather cake is ideal for a feather-themed wedding, with baby’s breath and peonies adding a delicate touch to the table.

Pearl Jeweled and Gold Feather Wedding Cake

A pearl jeweled and gold feather wedding cake is a must for your big day. This two-tier cake, decorated with ball tool patterns and draped ruffles, features elegant feather decorations.

Using a feather cutter, gum paste is shaped and detailed, then painted with gold oil after drying. This sophisticated cake is perfect for celebrating a wedding function in style.

Delicate Feather Wedding Cake

This blush pink cream wedding cake is embellished with curved lines and pearl lace borders around the top and mid-tier. The royal beauty of the cake is highlighted by antique flowers at the top.

The delicate feather decorations grab guests’ attention, giving the cake a shimmering, antique appearance.

Gold Leaf Garland Wedding Cake

A gold leaf garland hanging from one side of this tiered cake enhances its charm. The top tier, with a feather theme, features elegant feather decorations that may serve as a special sign or signature for the wedding.

The addition of a luxurious garland increases the cake’s beauty, making it a stunning centerpiece.

White Feather & Pearl Wedding Cake

The glamorous beauty of this wedding cake is elevated by white feathers and pearl embellishments. The focal image of the wedding cake, defined by the elegant decorations, is placed on a gold tray.

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The large feathers display the real beauty of the cake, with the top hanging feather being a great sign of the feather wedding theme.


Feather wedding cakes add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wedding celebration. Whether adorned with pearls, crystals, or gold accents, these cakes serve as stunning centerpieces that captivate guests and enhance the overall ambiance.

Choose from these exquisite feather cake ideas to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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