Controlling Ants Inside of Your Home

Controlling Ants Inside of Your Home

Have you noticed an increasingly high number of ants inside of your home recently. Ant season is quickly upon us and many homeowners are starting to report higher number of ants making their way into your home. Ants are some of the smallest insects that we find inside of our homes, but that does not make them any less of a nuisance. While you don’t really have to worry about a regular ant hurting or biting, they are gross and will likely make your skin crawl a bit.

Where to Start

The first order of business when you notice ants inside of your home is determining how you think they are making their way inside. Again, ants are small so it only take a very small hole for them to enter through. If you pay attention to the ants they will usually lead you right back to how they entered. Do some hunting and see if you can find the ants source of entrance inside of your home.

Once you have determined how the ants are making their way into your home you need to play the role of a detective and see if you can figure out why they may want to be inside of your home. Ants are interested in food more than anything else. If they continue to make their way into your home it is likely because there is a source of food that they are enjoying. Some common places for you to check include pet food bowls, crumbs left under your cabinets or fridges, and spills in your pantries. Crumbs are one of ants very favorite food sources so do not weight small messes any less than larger messes.

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Controlling the Ants

Now that you know how the ants are getting inside of your home, you need to decide how bad of an outbreak you have. Are there just a few ants here and there, or are there dark lines of ants making their way into your home? If it is just a small outbreak you can probably control it by closing their entrance point and removing the ants that are inside.

However, if you have a lot of ants in your home and you think they may be making their way inside from a few different places you may want to hire a Vancouver ant control company to come and help you remove them. They will be able to determine where they are getting inside and provide you with safe substances to remove them from your home.

The problem with going to the store and buying different ant control products is that you really don’t know which chemicals are going to be safe for your kids and families. The chemicals that pest control companies use have been tested and they are knowledgeable in how you should use them and the precautions that you need to take.

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