Avoid These Common Welding Mistakes during Welding Operation

Avoid These Common Welding Mistakes during Welding Operation

While performing welding operation, it is necessary to have patience, stable breathing and proper concentration to do the job precisely so that you can avoid any kind of mistake.

However, the reality is that welding needs more experience in welding than anything else. That is the reason why few people even after having necessary skills and knowledge may end up making certain horrible mistakes.

The best thing to do for avoiding any mistake, one should undergo proper training under an experienced person by using any Cigweld welding equipment.

Besides that, you must try to avoid following mistakes as far as possible.

Not having sufficient practice

You may be having good qualification after undergoing certain certification course from a recognized institute, but no industry will prefer to hire you unless you have hands on experience in welding.

Experience can teach you much more than what any welding book or classroom teaching can teach you.

Welding with improper current

You will learn from your experience that unless you apply proper amount of current, you cannot obtain desired results after welding. Depending upon the metal type that you are trying to weld, you need to apply proper amount of current.

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As an example, you will need AC current in case you want top notch penetration while for thinner metals you will prefer DC current.

Striking any arc which is out of your work

If you ever strike an arc which is outside of your job then it can damage that metal instantly. If you are doing certain precise work then touching the arc somewhere outside of your work area can always ruin the quality of your work.

Therefore, it is essential that you remain focussed to your job and also remain calm so that you may avoid such mistake.

Losing your welding point

Also, if you do not weld exactly on the point where welding is needed then you will end up doing poor welding.

You can avoid that by placing your hand at proper place and also see your job being done properly. Adjust your welding helmet so that you cannot miss the spot where the welding is needed.

Using wrong electrodes

Depending upon the condition of electrode there may be rust, moisture, oil or any other contaminant, and as a result may produce lots of sparks eventually or just may not work at all.

So, ensure that you have stored the electrodes in a proper place, so that it does not get wet or contaminated.

Using wrong gas flow

There are few welding machines that use gas too and it can be annoying if the gas flow is not proper. It can create poor quality in the welding and also create many problems to your welding machines too.

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Also, build up of gas within the machine can be too dangerous. So, you must always check your gas flow before you start the work.

Not knowing about the metals

Every kind of metal has certain speciality and during the welding you can know after having plenty of experience. Therefore, before doing the welding you must know which metal are you trying to weld.

Even if you have the right knowledge but unless you practiced enough you may end up doing a bad job eventually.

Never doing maintenance

Remember that your welding machine needs regular maintenance and hence you should never miss proper cleaning and other maintenance schedule.

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