Keep in Mind these Few Parameters while Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

Keep in Mind these Few Parameters while Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

Pets are lifeline for people. They are loyal and always there waiting for you excitedly. Generally, people prefer dogs as pets because they are loyal and have a set routine. Even if they run here and there, they still can be managed easily with a neck belt.

Pets are difficult to handle at times. They are flexible and highly energetic and the owner has to match their pace. Even though they are the most loyal friend of human beings, they have their own tantrums which only owners can understand. This makes it difficult for people who have a travelling job or go for long vacations outside the city. Either you leave them behind under a caretaker or have to look for pet boarding facility.

Phoenix in Arizona is known as the most commonly visited tourist destination. There are many tourists who carry their pets along with them, as they know that their vacation will be long and their pets cannot be left at new places because of their behavior or the owners are too much in love to leave them alone at home. Therefore, they look for hotels with pet boarding Phoenix.

Canine Country Club and Feline Inn was established in 1953 in Phoenix, Arizona. It is known for its hospitality and pet boarding facility. They have best staff that not only care, but groom and maintain pets during you stay. Pets aren’t always kept indoor, but they are also taken to park to enjoy greenery and play around. You can see pets chasing butterflies, jumping, climbing, running and also sleeping in a neat and cozy cot.

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Not every time you can travel with pets. If it is a business meeting for a week, then you need to look for a pet boarding around your location. There may be many boarding facilities available, but not all can be trusted. Here are few guidelines to be followed, so that you pick the right facility for your pet –

  • Don’t stick to one pet care, but make a list of facilities that are near to your home or office.
  • Take a tour of all facilities in order to find out the way they manage the care. This will help you look at the size of cabins, hygiene, and maintenance as well.
  • A pet care shouldn’t just be a small room with small cabins. Your pet needs to run and do some physical activity to remain fit, therefore, check the play area properly.
  • Every boarding care has a list of activities and daily routine that is followed with all pets. A good conversation will staff will help you understand better.
  • Some animals behave weirdly in new places and maybe one of them is your pet. Check with the staff all amenities provided to them in case of anxiety.
  • Animal feces are highly contagious which needs regular cleaning to avoid any kind of disease. Always check their cleaning services so that you pet returns home clean and safe.
  • Most importantly, you should always find out the staff hours and keep their emergency numbers with you. Also, provide them with your emergency contact information, in case they’re unable to reach you.
  • Check their medical aids and veterinarians in contact who can be reached during emergency situations.
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If all these things are taken care of, then you can leave your family with relief. Don’t let them feel left out by just choosing an ordinary boarding care, simply because they charge less.

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